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Anyone looking for me will probably find me somewhere out in nature. That’s where I feel most alive. Even as a little boy, I could pass the time for hours in the forests and lakes of the small Saarland region and play soccer with my friends at the local soccer field. I was able to put my creativity and dribbling skills to good use later in life, as a sports scientist and coach, as well as a strength & conditioning coach for the German National Football Team.


I wanted to enjoy my life to the fullest and pursue my passions. Far away from the regular routines around me. That’s what kept my parents on their toes: as a free spirit who always questioned the status quo. On hikes I could never stay on the path. I liked to run ahead to discover new paths and adventures off the beaten track.

To this day, it’s important to me to move my body and nourish it with the things that keep it healthy and vital. 

I have understood that my own energy level is crucial in order for me to best help others.

In the meantime, I am increasingly drawn to the ocean. The sea gives me strength and inner peace, surfing is one of my greatest passions: salt water on my skin, the free view into the distance and a surfboard underneath me…. That’s all I need to get back to the here and now and recharge my batteries.

My second great love is traveling. It was inevitable that my adventurous free spirit would have me leaving Saarland and into the world! I am passionate about discovering new cultures and learning foreign languages. I have already lived and worked in the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico. For me it is a privilege to be able to pursue my calling independent of location.

As a very curious person, I like to face the challenges of life. The result: exponential growth and continuous joy.


  • 15 years in the field of human performance, coaching and supporting people
  • Master of Science in Exercise Science and Physiology
  • Over 1.500 participants in workshops, seminars and training camps
  • Personal Trainer and 1:1 coaching experience with youth, everyday athletes, professional athletes and entire sports teams
  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for professional soccer teams
  • Fitness Coach and Sports Scientist of the German National Football Team
  • University Lecturer in exercise science, nutrition, health, prevention and rehabilitation
  • Coach licenses in sports such as soccer, volleyball and athletics
  • Continuing education in nutrition, rehabilitation of injuries, mental training, personality development and related areas
  • Large network of health industry experts around the world

I know how difficult it is to decide every day anew for your own health. Especially in stressful times, we tend to neglect healthy eating and adequate exercise.

Whether you’re working towards specific goals or just want to stay fit and healthy: I love to explore new paths and find creative solutions.

Of course, this path doesn’t always go in a straight line. Priorities shift. Setbacks are not always avoidable. Life just happens.

Know that you are not alone! As your coach, I am there for you and support you on your individual path. Together we develop a holistic strategy (Gameplan*), so that you can master the challenges of your life. Step by step.

That’s what I stand for and that’s what Athlete of Life stands for.

*The term Gameplan comes from high-performance sports and is a holistic strategy that is tailored specifically to you as the athlete of your life.

Our Services

1:1 Coaching 21 days

Coaching with focus on ONE of the core areas:
• Mindset
• Movement
• Nutrition
Master one core area of your life in 21 days

1:1 Coaching 90 days

Your Personal Gameplan*

Integrative Coaching in ALL THREE core areas:
• Mindset
• Movement
• Nutrition
Become the best version of yourself in 90 days

*The term Gameplan comes from high-performance sports and is a holistic strategy that is tailored specifically to you as the athlete of your life.