No matter where you are, there is always an upgrade for your health, quality of life and performance. We are convinced of that.

Who or what is Athlete of Life?

Imagine you have a personal life coach at your side who

… knows exactly what you need to be healthier, have more energy and feel better. 

… is networked with experts in their field worldwide and bundles their expertise to pass it on to you. 

… can tell you what fuels your body best, how to bring more movement into your everyday life and how to bring your mindset to the next level.

… helps you to become the best version of yourself, even if you have little time.

… is always there for you – wherever you are in the world.

… will not leave you alone even in difficult life situations.

Athlete of Life is not just about fitness, healthy eating and mindset. This is about more: we support you in bringing real MOVEMENT into your life, your work and your relationships, and in attracting significantly more health, happiness and fulfillment into your life.

On all 3 levels:




How does Athlete of Life work?

In a joint process, you will reflect on yourself using questioning techniques and tools to find the answers within yourself (coaching). You will receive reflection tasks from us and will go through small challenges. At the same time, you will also benefit from our expertise and receive concrete advice for direct implementation (consulting).


As an Athlete of Life you will be guided to your best version
and a healthier lifestyle with methods that fit you:


Individualized initial check-up: medical history, goals, personality


Individual training plan to get you moving


Individualized nutrition recommendations that fit your life

How the idea for Athlete of Life came about


We put you as the athlete of your life in the very center of everything we do and help you live healthier through improvements in mindset, movement and nutrition.

By providing you with a one-stop-solution, wherever and whenever you need it, we help you get to the next level in your life. Even if your stressful everyday life leaves you little time for personal development, good habits and health prevention.


Our vision is for all human beings to take control of their own health and well-being. Athlete of Life is a system where you are at the very center of an ever-growing, integrative network of experts. As an ever-expanding movement of people who recognize and realize their full potential, together we change the world through our individual strengths.


Life coaches, personal trainers and performance coaches are a dime a dozen. But there has never been anything like Athlete of Life! What makes the concept so special:


No more: Here is a fitness plan, then an appointment with a nutritionist, then a motivational coach for personal development. An endless search, many experts with different approaches, overwhelm. At Athlete of Life you get everything for your physical and mental health from one source: Our holistic training system includes mindset, movement and nutrition. Performance coaching worthy of the name!


Best of all, you don't have to travel to a training center for your coaching. All you have to do is open your laptop because we work online and are completely location-independent with you. Bring us to your roof terrace, to the gym or take us with you on a business trip: We are there, where you are.


In my 15 years as an athlete, trainer and coach I have made the experience that it is important to have a trusted person at your side. Someone who listens to you, understands you and with whom you can communicate openly with. Someone who pushes you when necessary and who always has an open ear for your needs and concerns. I, Ruben, am happy to be this trusted person for you. Professional. Supportive. Human.

Holistic, efficient and professional.
Just like you.